Designed for use in all diesel-fuelled engines in mobile, portable and stationary applications. It has maximum sulfur content of 10mg/kg.

Extra Low Sulfur Diesel has excellent lubricity properties and meets or exceeds the Fuel Injection Equipment Manufacturers recommendation for diesel fuel lubricity.

Extra Low Sulfur Diesel meets all requirements of the Australian Fuel Standard (Diesel) determination for 2009.

Note: The colour of Extra Low Sulfur Diesel ranges from water white through to straw colour with, in some instances, a fluorescent green tinge. The fluorescent green is not cause for concern. It results from the refining process and has no impact on the operability or performance of the fuel

Sulfur, mg/kg 10 max
Flash Point °C 61.5 min
Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.820 – 0.860
Cetane index 46 min
Code 429
Lubricity, mm 0.460 max