Applications :

10 ppm Diesel is a low emission/ environmentally clean diesel fuel with a sulphur content less than 10 parts per million (ppm) which can be used in all diesel engines. It is especially suitable for diesel engines designed to meet the latest European and American emission standards and those equipped with exhaust after treatment devices. This fuel enables the use of the most advanced oxidation catalysts and particulate traps to further reduce exhaust emissions. BP 10 ppm Diesel contains a lubricity additive to protect fuel system components from wear. It also includes an advanced additive to keep fuel injectors and other system components clean to maintain optimum fuel economy and engine performance. BP 10 ppm Diesel is for diesel engines only and not for Aviation use.

Main Benefits

− Reduced sulphur dioxide emissions

− Reduced particulate emissions oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons emissions, even lower when after treatment is employed

− Lower maintenance costs through reduced engine wear

− Exceptional storage stability

− Enables the use of advanced exhaust gas treatment devices

Specifications :-

10 ppm Diesel meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications:

Australian Standard AS 3570 of 1998

ASTM 2D low sulphur diesel fuel of 1998

European Specification EN 590 (10ppm sulphur) of 1998 & EN 590 2000