TEFLON Coating

Teflon is a Registered Trade Mark of DuPont.

DuPont has nominated Coatec India as the Licensed Industrial Applicator of Teflon and Coatec has an All India client base.

The word is synonymous with Non Stick Coatings the world over.

  • These Coatings have extensive applications because of a unique non-stick property, chemical inertness, good dielectric stability and low coefficient of friction.
  • Teflon Coated products are easy to clean, act as dry lubricants, are abrasion resistant, and can withstand high temperatures of over 200 Degrees Centigrade.
  • They can be insulating or conductive depending upon Type of Teflon applications.
  • The Teflon Coatings are available both in powder and liquid form.
  • They are applied on clean and grease free surface.
  • Grit Blasting is recommended and all previous coatings removed before application of New Teflon Coating.
  • The application is a spray type paint and then baked at curing temperature. The coating is typically 35 micron thick.
  • The versatility of these coatings allow almost unlimited applications covering a wide variety of materials and configurations.
  • Various formulations are available to meet the multifarious requirements of the industry.
  • Applications cover both Industrial and Food Grade coatings.
  • The coating is extensively used in rubber moulds, ball moulds, biscuit and bread dies where mould release is an essential part of the process.
  • It is also used in industries where ease of flow or dry lubrication is necessary.